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Energy, Carbon, E-Waste
Who are we
Getting Started

SilverLining helps clients establish a meaningful position for sustainability within their organisation, co-creating a ‘Sustainable IT Baseline’ (current position and roadmap).

Educate and Train

Up-skill key staff as to their role in achieving and maintaining a sustainable mindset to DevOps, align customer deliver of IT services to the wider business sustainability journey.

Monitor and Support

SilverLining provides all the tools and advice needed to measure your energy usage, optimise IT cloud performance (reducing operating costs), and grow in your sustainability maturity.

How our platform works

Smart Integration


SilverLining's platform integrates seamlessly with your AWS, Azure or Google Cloud cloud infrastructure, reading usage information, calculating the energy, and matching each resource to an  electricity emission factor. 

Knowledge Transfer 

From your usage baseline, create a roadmap aligned to your energy profile by selecting actions from our eco-conscious computing knowledge base. SilverLining then helps you shrink your effective energy usage, reducing IT costs, and increasing your Sustainable IT maturity. 

How it works
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What People are Saying

"SilverLining helped us reduce our climate impact through sensible technical decisions."

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